January 2021

Márquez beach is considered the most polluted in Peru. This ecosystem has been increasing its levels of waste and now it is known that for every square meter there is one kilo of garbage.

Located in the Constitutional Province of Callao (Peru), Márquez beach is the beach with the most waste nationwide. This is in front of a town of 50,000 people, damaging the health of people and the environment.

The Chillón River, which flows into this beach, has been one of the places that has been bringing garbage to this place. According to the municipality of Callao, the contamination comes from the waste thrown into the sea, from the Chillón and Rímac rivers and the clandestine waste disposal in the coastal area of ​​Callao. Neighbors have been seriously harmed by living with the abundant pollution and despite clean-up campaigns, the beach is still flooded with garbage. This is the result of a lack of environmental awareness and poor solid waste management.

The non-profit Save Our Planet

We believe that studies are vital to analyze the situation and implement solutions that benefit the environment and the community. That is why the Save Our Planet organization is conducting a research to find data regarding the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the problem.